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Hi! I’m Jess and welcome to my blog! I’m an aspiring director and screenwriter and will be sharing my love for film with the world! I’ll be posting about all kinds of cinema-related stuff, from reviews on the films I’ve seen recently, to awards season buzz to some of the films I make myself. I hope you enjoy!

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Must see movies under 100 minutes

For those with busy schedules & short attention spans! It's safe to say that life seems to have gotten hectic again lately. As the UK...

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Review

The romance of the century. (spoilers for portrait of a lady on fire from "gaze" onwards) For me, the mark of a great work of art is when...

Her Review

A film for the soul. The first time I watched Her I was only fourteen years old. Pre-pandemic, confused by the joltingly disorienting...

Lost in Translation Review

Depression in Tokyo. It’s official! Lost in Translation is one of my most favourite films in the world! Spoilers for Lost in Translation...

Black Swan Review

It’s been a while since I saw Black Swan and I still am not over it. Huge spoilers for Black Swan ahead! A few months ago, I decided that...


Hi and welcome to JessOnFilm! I’m Jess, an aspiring film director and screenwriter from the UK: welcome to my film rant blog! If you’re...

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